Camping and caravan club sites sussex

The classic kitchen has all the appliances to make this caravan a home from home.

This model features a beautiful master bedroom with built in wardrobes and an en-suite bathroom.

There is a classic style shower room which maximises the use of space.

The most difficult decision you now have to make is which beautiful area of the park to have your holiday home pitched! Here you can Order a free Brochure and DVD, Arrange a visit to the park, investigate your finance options, or ask a question to our dedicated sales team.

Butlin's holiday camp was first opened here in 1960.

Hastings is a tourist destination and most famous for the start of the Norman Conquest - the Battle of Hastings.

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next to the pier is the Conqueror's Stone, where William is said to have eaten his first meal in England.

The ruins of Hastings castle stand on the West Hill.

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