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Putting the political rhetoric aside, our nation has some soul searching to do if it really intends to compete in a globalized economy.If America's leaders want to see us regain our manufacturing dominance, the answer is not as easy as "right-to-work" laws, a changing tax code, or currency manipulation.Finally, we need a public policy environment where emphasis is placed on infrastructure modernization, allowing us to produce and move goods much more quickly and flexibly. Numerous politicians have stated that the number one concern of the U. government should be to focus on this initiative, particularly within the manufacturing sector. However, often overlooked in the discussion is the fact that many U. manufacturing corporations are performing quite well financially.This means an upgraded rail infrastructure, smart power grids, incentives to build modern factories, and an investment in energy production that will reduce the cost of doing business. ref=apple more than 14 million people seeking work in the U. The auto industry, for example, is doing very well in part because they have reduced labor costs dramatically over the last decade -- in fact, General Motors recently reported that its labor manufacturing costs have gone from 30 to 10 percent.Employee involvement, slim organization structure and work teams have made jobs more interesting, demanding and challenging while reducing the number of individuals needed.Employees are now cross-trained; performing duties outside of their main focus including maintenance, set-up and operations management.

Second, management innovations have reduced the need for labor and as a result require fewer employees.

The reality is that Apple, adhering to a sound business model, strives to make the best products possible at a quality level that is second to none.

Unfortunately, the workforce and infrastructure in the United States is not up to the task.

In realtà, come precisa il deputato, non si tratta soltanto di aziende chiuse per problemi economico-finanziari.

Molte di queste industrie hanno semplicemente chiuso i battenti in USA e trasferito tutta la produzione in Cina.

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