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The "Burial of Jesus" is also by Signorelli, and there are several sculptures by Scalza (1572), among them the group of the Piet, chiselled from a single block of marble.

The chapel on the opposite side, called "of the Corporal", contains the large reliquary in which is preserved the corporal of the miracle of Bolsena.

This was where the surrounding lords or representatives of vanquished cities came to pay their allegiance to Orvieto.

The structure was enlarged within ten years of completion.

The few records that exist of this ancient university appear after this date.

Some sources indicate that it dates back to 1013 and had connections with names such as the Benedictine monks Graziano and Gozio of Orvieto.

The walls in the interior are constructed of layers of Travertine marble and of basalt.

The choir was frescoed with illustrations of the life of the Blessed Virgin by Ugolino di Prete Ilario, Peter di Puccio and Anthony of Viterbo.

The original Palazzo del Capitano was a single ground floor loggia that was used as a market place or for meetings, from which the magistrate would speak to the citizens.Fearing that in the event of siege by Charles' troops the city's water might prove insufficient, he had a spectacular well (the Pozzo di San Patrizio or "Well of St.Patrick", so called because this Italian expression, inspired by mediaeval legends that St.These ramps were each designed for one-way traffic, so that mules laden with water-jars might pass down then up again unobstructed.An inscription on the well boasts that QUOD NATURA MUNIMENTO INVIDERAT INDUSTRIA ADIECIT ("what nature stinted for provision, application has supplied").

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