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CHAPTER III Growth of English Influence Authority to trade given by Aurangzebe — Native exactions — William Hedges, the chief factor at Hooghly, recommends the .ndoption of a strong policy — Expedi- tion to the Bay of Bengal— Mogul troops assume the offensive at Hoo;;h Iy — Job Charnock successfully attacks the Moguls, and the English sack Hooghly — Shayista Khan, the Mogul Governor of Bengal declares war against the English — Tlie English take refuge at Hijili— Precarious position of the English- English reinforcements arrive and save the situation — Occupation of Sutanuti, the modern Calcutta.

The trade was a very lucrative one, so much so that in 1677 it is noted in the records that the year's transactions on the east coast were greater than in any other period of the Company's commerce.

Happily it was ultimately possible to overcome all these obstacles, and to produce the book in a manner equal to the high artistic standard established in earlier works of the series. Simultaneously the Mogul forces became stronger and more menacing.

The delay in the publication will, it is hoped, be overlooked as the inevitable outcome of a period of unexampled strain and difficulty. By the middle of May 1687 two hundred of the English troops had succumbed to the climate, and Char- nock, with his sadly diminished force, was called upon to meet the attacks of twelve thousand well-equipped Mogul troops.

It was a sufficiently large force, if used with judgment, to effect much as matters then stood, but the arrangements for the concentration of the various elements of the expedition were ill-con- ceived, and before they were completed the native authority assumed the offensive, and sent a considerable body of troops, ii Kluding artillery, to occupy Hooghly.

It is one of a series of publications commenced some years ago with the object of supplying the British public with a picture — complete as far as literary and pictorial effort could make it— of the several different parts of the Empire. Alarmed at the turn that affairs had taken, Charnock, who was in charge of the factory, sent to Chandcr- nagore for some English troops that were quartered there.

As an aid to that "thinking Imperially" which is the first essential to a successful handling of the questions which are now clamouring for settlement, this volume may reasonably claim to have a distinct purpose. Following up their success, the Moguls fired the houses ad- jacent to the factory and opened fire with their artillery on the Company's ships in the river.

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