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Tsashi Levent-Levi who is a Web RTC evangelist has been interviewing most of these companies on his blog, the list is quite impressive!Much like most of early adopters we have been playing around with Web RTC for quite awhile now.It’s exciting to dabble in this stuff, we love Web RTC so much that we created an entire page dedicated to our experiments with this technology and others which we believe will transform the web in 2013. Dmitry Dragilev is a Tech Evangelist at Fresh Tilled Soil, a team of designers, coders and UX experts that helps entrepreneurs and businesses create bloody brilliant user experiences for web and mobile applications through consulting, training, and events.Since 2005 they’ve helped 300 clients including General Electric, Microsoft, MIT, Harvard, TEDx, Time Warner Cable, Walgreens, Hubspot among many others. Senior Front-End Developer & Strategist at Fresh Tilled Soil. He's been tinkering with electronics and technology since he can remember.

A quick and very important tip to remember when you are trying to get this to work.We quickly discovered that it is only possible to record the video and audio separately.We solved this by creating two instances of recording, one for the audio and one for the video, that utilized the new javascript data types and recorded both streams simultaneously.He started designing and programming at age 12 when he began creating his own computer games, and over the years he's led teams through strategy, concept, and execution phases in positions ranging from UI designer to lead engineer. Gives talks & blogs about HTML5, Java Script & the Open Web.He currently follows the rapidly evolving industry of mobile closely and firmly believes it is the future. Robert is a strong believer in HTML5 and the Open Web and has been working since 1999 with Front End development for the web - in Sweden and in New York City.

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