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children, resources, confidentiality) • Reduce the risk for lethal violence All types of trauma, including IPV, can have serious effects on health (see listing above), behaviors, relationships, work, and other aspects of life.It is important for behavioral, health and integrated care providers to have a basic understanding of the nature and impact of trauma and how to promote healing, recovery and wellness.The package presents prevention strategies including fostering healthy relationships, creating protective environments, providing economic supports for families, and supporting survivors.

In planning for safety, victims must consider complex individual and community factors such as custody of children, social support, access to affordable safe housing, employment with a living wage, and feelings for partner, as well as the severity of the violence.These resources are arranged by their relevant audiences.Recognizing IPV as a widespread public health issue, the CDC published a technical package titled Preventing Intimate Partner Violence Across the Lifespan.Approximately 41 percent of female IPV survivors and 14 percent of male IPV survivors experience some form of physical injury that may also result in death. Recognizing IPV as a public health issue, the CDC provides resources (listed below) with the intent of preventing IPV and equipping providers with the necessary tools to address these issues when signs of trauma and abuse are present.(Reference: NISVS) According to research focusing on female victims by Johns Hopkins University, one of the most widely recommended interventions for abused women is safety planning.

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