Sean patrick flanery dating history

Ralph's terrorizing of Amanda is stopped by Larry Warton, with whom Amanda has developed a relationship.Amanda chooses to leave town after Jill Abbott shows her the security camera footage of Amanda stealing jewels from the mansion and nearly getting people killed.Amanda did not believe her daughter at first; thus, Mac ran away from home to Genoa City.

Ralph had plans to get his revenge on Mac, but Larry stopped him in time. History Detective Hank Weber arrived on the scene when Diane Jenkins was involved in a fire at the Abbott poolhouse. Frederick was the first family member to see Brittany stripping in Bobby Marsino's strip club.Sean arrived in Genoa City coincidentally to replace Phyllis as Jabot Website Designer, complete with nose ring and laid back wardrobe. The mysterious Sean seemed to have scoped out the options and chose "older woman" Jill Abbott as his companion.He lives in a high rise apartment with no furnishings but a card table, two chairs and a futon, in an attempt to return to a minimalist way of life from his younger years. Sean seems to have a lot of connections in his past, counting entertainers Lionel Richie and B. While Jill remained wary of this hot younger man and his motives, he managed to sweep her off her feet.—Douglas on his firing from the soap opera (2001) History According to Sean, he dropped out of MIT as an 18-year-old junior, and began traveling the country for five years with a backpack as his only possession.He stopped long enough to get involved on the ground floor with a web company and made a killing on his stock options before the company made their down fall.

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