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Heads fly off, torsos are bisected, intestines are yanked out with bare hands. The plot, for what it's worth, is little more than an excuse to keep changing the scenery and enemies while introducing a range of magical attacks as our burly hero reclaims the bits of his enchanted armour from hulking end of level bosses.

Following even the smallest skirmish, the ground is awash with blood and severed body parts. Although there are a couple of obvious energy-style attacks, the more outlandish armour powers - such as releasing a horde of angry ravens to tear your foes apart - are worth waiting for.

Fans of the character, and those artists, will definitely be impressed.

When this happens, the deliberately over the top violence combines with generic but solidly crafted gameplay to create a shamelessly visceral experience that's simple enough to be accessible while remaining true to the pulp source material.

However, rather than topping your health up immediately, these convenient beverages simply release floating green health icons which slowly home in your position.

In the middle of a large melee, it's easy to get cut down while swigging or waiting for the swirling health top-ups to finish floating around the screen and actually, you know, heal you.

Most of the actual photographs in the database came from various collectors – over 2,404 different contributors to date.

When the road does diverge, you instinctively know that one path will be a dead end, laden with bonus goodies, with the other leading to the next designated brawling spot.What depth the game has comes in the form of a three-tiered combat system, with hundreds of unlockable attack moves divided between three fighting methods: single weapons, dual-wielding and grappling.Successful fighting and the occasional treasure chest grant you experience points, which can be saved up or traded in for new attacks at any time.To search the database, enter a word or two in the box above and press the button.Try a portion of a game's name, a manufacturer, designer, feature, or even a theme.

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