Updating oracle date fields

Quotes from the online documentation will also be marked by the different font (smaller and italicized).The online documentation for the DBI and DBD:: Oracle can be found at: is, of course, the documentation for the versions used in this article. If your DBI and DBD:: Oracle versions are different from what was used to produce this article and the example scripts within it, you should check the documentation for your favorite version. In order to execute the examples from the article the reader will have to have access to an Oracle database and also access to Perl interpreter with DBI and DBD:: Oracle installed. Verifying that all necessary modules are installed is also very easy.The same SQL command can be executed over and over again, without the need for re-parsing for various values of the program variable.

Of course, everyone who has ever worked with databases knows that connection errors happen from time to time, so it is prudent to check for errors: In case of connection error, database handle $dbh is not created and the error string "errstr" comes from the DBI class itself.Bind phase: placeholders in SQL statements are "connected" to the program variables.During this process the address of program variables is "made known" to oracle, so that it can read or write values from it.Features that are also not supported are TAF (Transparent Application Failover) and direct loads.In other words, Perl with DBI and DBD:: Oracle is not an industry strength tool for a production environment.

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