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The Avars held onto their reign until 803, when they were overthrown by the Slavs with the help of Charlemagne.

But until then the Hungarians conducted raids into present-day Italy, Germany, France, Spain and the Byzantine Empire.In 568 a nomadic tribe, the Avars, invaded and settled the area, established an power base and even made encroachments into the Byzantine Empire.In 623 the Slovakian population seceded from the empire and, after the Avars and Persians failed to capture Constantinople, their grip on the region slowly faded until the end of their reign in 804.Slovakia has a population slightly greater than five million people and is located in Central Europe, just east of the Czech Republic.The earliest evidence of human habitation in the area is from archaeological artifacts dating back to 270,000 BC, in the early Paleolithic Era.

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